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My tasks: Team lead, Art lead, Vision Holder and Artist
My art tasks: concept art, modeling, UI and promotional art

“Roam through an apartment. Get to know the person who lives there. Learn to understand their struggles and use your knowledge to guide them.”

Our goal with this project was to make a narrative experience that focuses on people and their troubles. Though the original concept for the game was to make something grim and almost horror like the game and it’s message changed as we started working on it. Now it has evolved into a beautiful, low poly experience about life and the choices we make.

The project was split into two parts with two separate teams to work on each part: a cinematic that intros the game and a proof of concept for a full game. Both parts came from the same original concept but were handled as two separate projects in different engines.

The game-part is the first from our education to be made in the Amazon Lumberyard Engine.
We had a lot of fun getting to know the new engine and can now proudly state that you can find our project on our page here.


Concept art player character:

Concept art Entity:

The apartment:


The owner of the apartment:


Promotional art:

Art Book:


Cinematic Credits:

Ronja Jansen
Ian van der Mijn
Oscar Loch
Alexander van Buggenum

Game Credits:

Mind Constructions Studios

Team Lead/Vision Holder: Jitske Habekotté (me)
Producer: Gijs Bazelmans
Art Lead: Jitske Habekotté (me)
Design Lead: Max van der Graaff & Gijs Bazelmans
Tech Lead: Matthew Wildman & Thomas van den Akker

Arber Rama
Jitske Habekotté
Mariia Rukavytsia
Daokai Chen
Niki-Anna Sofia
Robin van Grinsven

Tim Kersten
Max van der Graaff
Luuk Prinsen
Reza Kuipers
Christian Vuye
Benjamin Drees
Steven Hendrikse

Machteld Beukers
Björn Gillissen
Lucas Noordzij
Franka Staffhorst

Thomas van den Akker
Matthew Wildman
Kaj Giesbers
Jeroen Koevoets
Max Ossadtchii

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