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Small, first year Game Art assignment in which you had to come up with a game concept and create fake ‘screenshots’ of a few key moments in the game. We chose to do a 2D game based on a dark version of the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Jitske Habekotté (me)
Sander Flisijn

The featured sketches are the ones done by me, the final ‘screenshots’ are a collaboration between the two of us.






Second year Game Art project. A smaller game project in which you can join your friends to play a game of hide and seek. Multiple players can be hiders in the form of little voodoo dolls. The dolls can possess objects to hide from the seeker, the spirit-master. They can transport the possessed item to a furnace to gain points.

One player plays as the spirit-master and can freeze other players in place so they can no longer gain points. Hiders can free each other at the risk of being caught by the spirit-master while doing so.


My main task was working on concepts throughout the project. I also worked on the dvd cover, the buttons in game and some of the textures.





Team Lead: Yoram van de Vall
Art Lead: Jeroen van Dongen
Design Lead: Sven Brinkman
Tech Lead: Frank Dijkhuizen

Anton Dessov
Jitske Habekotté (me)
Jeroen van Dongen
Jasper Kastelein

Sven Brinkman
Yoram van de Vall
Tim van Ling

Frank Dijkhuizen
Jan de Graaf
Randy Schouten

Anton Dessov




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