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Artist/Team Lead: Alina Anikina
Art Director: Jitske Habekotté (me)
Programming: Dennis Creemers
Design: Franka Staffhorst
Music: Tim de Jongh
Original Concept: Merel Jessurun

My tasks as an Art Director: guiding the creative process and keeping the style consistent
My tasks as an artist: Concept art, character creation, texture, animations and shader


“Aurora is a racing game inspired by the first race we all win in life.

Compete with 2 people, race through the beautiful track and try to be the first to reach the end. Swim past your opponent and force them off the screen to eliminate your competition. Boost and drift until you make it to your goal.”

The idea behind this project is that we wanted to reinvent the traditional Racer Game genre and focus on creating something beautiful by using watercolor effects and aquatic flora and fauna themes. This game is heavily focused on the player experience: highlighting player feedback, diegetic user interface, flowing movement and incredible sound design and music.
We wanted to take something everyone knows, like a racing game, and turn it into an experience for the player instead of just another competition.
We are very proud to announce that our game Aurora has been published on and you can find it here.





Concept art:



final concept mockup

creature concept mockup2.0



new character


play day



Shader with watercolor effect:


End cinematic (spoiler for the end of the game):



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